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"Imaginary Time Travel As A Leadership Tool"
Sloan Management Review
June 2019

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 8.55.29 AM.png

"Uber: Repaying Technical and Organizational Debt"
Stanford Business School Case
June 2019

"Why Your Job is Becoming Impossible to Do: The Tragedy of Well-Intentioned Organizational Overload
December 2017


"How Bosses Waste Their Employees' Time"
Wall Street Journal
August 2108

"Want to fix sexual harassment? Don't hire jerks
December 2017

"Our nation of jerks can turn the corner by listening to trusted friends"
NY Daily News
September 2017

"Warning: assholes ahead. How to avoid working with jerks"
September 2017

"The Asshole Survival Guide: The Backstory​"
August 2017

Firing People: What You Do Versus How You Do It​
June 2017

"How to Survive a Jerk at Work"
Wall Street Journal
August 2017

"Dropbox's Secret for Saving Time in Meetings"

May 11, 2015

"Staying one step ahead at Pixar: An interview with Ed Catmull"

McKinsey Quarterly 
March 2016

"The Best You Can Be Is A Perfect Imitation Of Those Who Came
Before You"

December 10, 2016

"Want Some Creativity? Crank-up the Constraints"
June 9, 2016

"Engineering as a Driving Force Behind the Design-Thinking Movement"
May 31, 2016

"Drinking at work: It's not all bad"
April 8, 2011 

"Bad to great: The path to scaling up excellence"
McKinsey Quarterly 
February 2014