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Volume 6

Beware of the Company You Keep, The Friction Project Picks Up Steam,

and The No Asshole Rule Goes to the Olympics

Volume 5

Why 2017 is Plagued by Jerks, Harriet Tubman as a Hero of Capitalism, and the

Friction Project

Volume 4

Publication Day, the Bully Buster, and a Lovely Lesson About Asshole Survival
From an American in Paris

Volume 3

Petty Tyrants, Kim Scott Shows How to Pull the Plug With Candor and Class, and Here Comes the Bully Buster Exam

Volume 2

The Friction Podcast, The Top Dog as “Editor in Chief,” and How to Talk to An Asshole

Volume 1

How to Fire People, The Friction Project, and The No Asshole Rule Goes to Bible Class