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 Bob Sutton speaks about changing organizations for the better, making creativity and innovation happen, leading people with competence and kindness—​and workplace assholes too. 

Bob has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches and seminars to gatherings at Fortune 500 companies such as Google, LVMH, Walmart, and Nielsen, nonprofits including the Girl Scouts and the Gates Foundation, Universities including the Stevens Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School, and London School of Economics and Government groups such as the Department of the Navy and New Zealand’s Better By Design. Bob delivers keynote speeches at large events and leads interactive seminars with smaller groups of senior leaders.


Bob is available for seminars and presentations throughout the United States and internationally.  You can learn more about Bob’s speeches by visiting his page at BigSpeak.  For inquiries about his speaking engagements, please contact Barrett Cordero or Ken Sterling.

“Bob was fantastic. He has an energy level that is off that charts and backs it up with real passion. He connected with the audience perfectly. The content was interesting to the partners and all the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. He had a real impact on the event.”

–Better By Design

 “Bob did an amazing job of reaching our audience by relating personal experiences and examples from across various industries that held relevance for an industry that is centuries old and is driven by relationships, new products, news and fun.”


–Anheuser Bush 

“Bob was great! He was so easy to work with and made a real effort to customize his content to our business needs. He was accessible,
flexible, and spot-on in his delivery.”


- Microsoft